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We work with many institutions from the private and public sector to provide advice, mentorship, and resources to entrepreneurs in their cohorts. We focus on helping entrepreneurs and startups execute on strategies for growth through digital marketing, measuring and reporting on impact, and obtaining resources for international expansion. We also work with institutions to help them activate the pools of talent in their network and implement tools to manage and track the progress of the companies in their cohorts.


Current Partners

Impact Collective

The goal of Impact Collective is to build a community of entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to build companies with a cohesive strategy to achieve both sustainability and profitability.

Seoul Global Startup Center

The Seoul Global Startup Center is the premiere resource for foreign-born residents and international startups to begin operations and set a foothold in the Korean market. 

Hanyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

The Technology Commercialization Center at Hanyang University works with more than 7,000 researchers throughout the institution to help them bring their inventions to the market.

Past Projects

Hanyang University

Social Innovation Center

SeoKyeong University

Culture and Arts

Seoul Global Startup Center | WeWork Labs

Startup Hub Korea

Tongmyong University

International Student Startup Conference

Hanyang University Social Innovation Center

Hanyang University Global Advisory Council

Adventures 2019 Organizers


Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation - 한국청년기업가정신재단


KISED - 창업진흥원

Solving Problems for a Global Impact

Chungbuk Creative Economy Center - 충북창조경제혁신센터

Global Business Communication

Kyunghee University LINC+

Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers

Advantage Austria

goSeoul 2018 Internship Program

Kyunghee University

Greater Boston Immersion Program


Let's work Together

We can help you with:

  • Guest lectures and workshops
  • Speaker, workshop, and highlight videos
  • Program promotion and marketing
  • Program management and operational assistance